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price: c. 200 CZK / NP
the exact price will be agreed
based on the scope and
complexity of a text
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Terms and Conditions

1. Order of translation/interpreting/proofreading

The Customer sends a written order of the translation (interpreting/proofreading; hereinafter referred to as "the Work") at the e-mail address siudabogdan@gmail.com (hereinafter referred to as "the Contractor"). Written order means sending by e-mail. The Customer may also notify the Contractor about Customer's requirements orally (in person, by phone).
The Contractor shall prepare a written price quotation based on the communicated requirements. The order is valid and the work shall be commenced only after written - e-mail confirmation of a price quotation by the Customer. The contract for work between contracting parties is concluded by written confirmation of a price quotation. The term of delivery of the translation starts from the moment of receiving the written confirmation of price quotation by the Customer.
Sworn translation
In order to prepare the sworn translation we need to have original or certified copy of the document. The original, eventually the certified copy, can be send by the post or delivered personally to an agreed address, based on the agreement confirmed by e-mail or phone.

2. Price of work

The Contractor undertakes to include the estimated price in the price quotation. The final price of the work will be charged based on the final scope of the work (the number of norm pages, the number of interpreting hours). The scope of translation and proofreading is rounded to tenths of norm pages (hereinafter referred to as NP), sworn translations are rounded to whole NP (according to valid regulations), and interpreting is charged for each started hour. 1 norm page = 1 800 characters including spaces (see MS Word/Tools/Number of characters including spaces). The order price shall be determined by agreement of contracting parties. The minimum charged scope of contract is 1 NP and/or 200,- CZK. We are VAT payers.

3. Confidentiality

All the information contained in translated documents are considered strictly confidential. All employees and subcontractors of the Contractor are bound by the confidentiality agreement.

4. Obligations of the Customer

If the translation is intended for any publication (internet, advertising, printing in large outlay, etc.), the Customer is obliged to inform the Contractor of this fact. The proofreading by native speaker is considered as normal procedure for the translations intended for publication. Regarding the translations in any professional fields, the Customer shall provide appropriate cooperation to the translator.
If the Customer has any requirements regarding the terminology to be used in the work, he shall notify the Contractor in writing during ordering of the work.

5. Interpreting

A working day of an interpreter is considered to be 8 hours including all breaks and interruptions. The time spent by an interpreter travelling from his home to a place of interpreting and back is also part of the working time of an interpreter, and it is charged in accordance with an agreement, at least 300 CZK per 1 hour. The Customer pays an interpreter travel expenses, i.e. food, accommodation, and transport, when travelling outside his home. If the Customer has the option, he provides an interpreter with written supporting materials for preparation in good time before an interpreting. The minimal charged scope of an interpreting in and around Prague shall be 8 hours. In Moravian-Silesian Region, it is 8 hours.

6. Withdrawal from order

In the case of the Customer's order withdrawal after binding ordering of the work, the Contractor shall stop all the work and notify the Customer about the work done so far, or hand over finished part of the work. The Customer agrees to pay for the part of the works done so far the price based on the price listed in the order. In case of withdrawal from the interpreting 1 day before start of the interpreting, the Customer is obliged to pay the cancellation fee amounting to 30 % of the work's price. In case of withdrawal from the interpreting order on the day of the interpretation, the Customer is obliged to pay 50 % of the work's price. Cancellation of the translation or interpreting order shall be made in writing and delivered to the Contractor by e-mail or in person.

7. Complaints

If the work has not been carried out in accordance with the order, a complaint can be applied. The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint within 30 days since receipt of the work. After this term, it is assumed that the order is without blemish. A claim shall be made in writing. The Customer is obliged to give the specific reason for the complaint, and if the work is a translation, he is obliged to indicate type and nature of the work's defects in claim. Factual defects of the work mean: misspelling, errors in figures, dates, names, addresses, names of companies, products, services, and other names, as well as if the sense of the translation's passages does not reflect completely the meaning of given passages in the original, grammatical errors, etc.
As defects of the work shall not be considered: stylistic nuances (synonyms, other stylistic expressions, etc). The communicated defects will be assessed by a proofreader who shall draw up the translation report. Based on this report, we will decide about legitimacy of the complaint, and we propose corresponding discount or other procedure.