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Definition of Terms


Sworn certification and sworn translation

Sworn certification confirms that the translation into the target language agrees with the text of original document. That fact is confirmed by translator's clause attached at end of the translation. It contains the confirmation of the translation's authenticity, stamp, and signature of the sworn translator for the respective language.

Sworn translation (sworn translation / translation with stamp / certified translation) is the translation done by the sworn translator appointed for the respective language by any of regional courts of the Czech Republic. Certified translation is used for documents to be submitted to state authorities in the Czech Republic or abroad (e.g. diplomas, school certificates, birth certificates, extracts from business registers, extracts from criminal record, etc). We provide these translations till the following day usually.

Norm page

Norm page = normalized page (abbreviation NP) is a unit by which the translations are calculated. 1 NP = 1800 characters including spaces. The translation scope can be calculated easily in MS Word / Tools / Statistics.